Buying a yacht?

Are you thinking of purchasing a yacht? In most cases it is a huge investment that hopefully will give you many unforgetable moments at sea, and a value on the yacht that will last for years. Contact us for an independet yacht survey, then you know what you buy!

Our surveyors are all certified or/and have a diploma in yacht survey, many of them are appointed by YDSA,IIMS,MCA or/and the Swedish chamber of commerce. They all have a PII insurance that will cover up to 1.000.000 euro

We survey all kinds of yachts, all over Europe

Do I need a yacht surveyor?

In most cases, yes you need one! In most cases you need to establish the condition of the yacht by a independent surveyor, wherever you are buying or selling your yacht. We are diploma/certified in yacht survey and small craft.

All surveyor we work with have many years of hands on experience and we use the right high tech tools to make a complete yacht survey to your full satisfaction.

Yacht survey cover!

Our yacht survey is a visual, functional and non-destructible yacht survey, a very detailed survey report will be given to you. To conduct a survey we need to lift the yacht, which will cost approx 500-700 euro for 40-45 feet yacht depending on where and when the lift up is done.

We survey, among many things:

  • Documents for the yacht
  • Identification for the yacht/engine
  • CE marked
  • Instruction books
  • Ownership of the yacht
  • Mortgage
  • Hull out/in side
  • Through holes/seacocks
  • Ventilation
  • Hatches
  • Osmosis
  • Water leak
  • Diesel/oil leak
  • Covers/sprayhoods
  • Sails
  • Rig
  • Sheets
  • Winches
  • Showers
  • Pluming
  • Gas installations
  • Emergency equipment/flares
  • Electric installations
  • Navigation equipment
  • Pumps
  • Rudder, propeller,axle
  • Keel and keel installations
  • Teakdeck
  • Tanks
  • Cabins, salon and wood constructions

In total its over 100 most importen checkpoints we go through and that we state the condition of in our report. We take photos to back up the statment.

We test run/sea trial the yacht under different circumstances. We use the most high tech tools to make sure that we find what we are searching for and to give you a report that will be very useful for you in the process of buying your new yacht


A yacht survey can save you a huge amount of money and well worth the price. A full survey will take at least one day for a 40-45 feet yacht, probably a few hours of the evening as well.

Price indication for a yacht survey, regardless its time:

  • Yachts under 30 feet. 780 euro ex VAT and travel expenses
  • Yachts betwen 30-40 feet. 920 euro ex VAT and travel expenses
  • Yachts betwen 40-50 feet. 1.105 euro ex VAT and travel expenses
  • Yachts between 50-60 feet. 1.770 euro ex VAT and travel expenses
  • Yachts over 60 feet. Please contact us for a qutation

The price can change according to yacht model and year of the yacht. Contact us for a free quotation with no obligations.